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DotA Themed Smexy Layouts

DotA is one of the best 3-D games the world has ever known. Once you are captivated by the appliance of this magical universe of mythical beings, there’s no going back. This layout is all about DotA, and it’s because of that that every visitor will able to enjoy the game even if they’re playing not at the moment.

Once you’ve installed this beauty on your Facebook page your online status will skyrocket – and you don’t even have to do more than clicking a few times on some pretty pictures.

We here at Facebook Layout deliver only the best Facebook layouts & skin designs on the web, and our designs are not only custom-made and not only exclusive, but they’re also free, after all, why should you pay for something you can get for free?

Combining every single element of DotA’s powerful entity and essence, this layout will make you understand why millions simply adore this game which   can not even  be called that anymore: DotA a phenomenon as much as it is a game  thanks to the desire of so many game savvies to have some fun and by the way, this is also exactly what drove us to create this spectacular layout for you.

Believe us, you won’t regret installing this Facebook layout on your page but (like every single one of our gorgeous layouts) if you happen to be not happy you can always uninstall it and since it’s free you won’t actually suffer a loss. Except the fact that is  of course, that in case  you  choose to uninstall this layout you’ll  throw hundreds of friendship invitations and positive comments  out of the window  as well – those  that you’re set  he receive thanks to this layout.

If you would like to have these bonuses that come with the installation, (and seriously who would not) feel free to download this layout right now.

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